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The name  Chenier Motors in Timmins is synonymous with reliability, satisfaction and reasonable prices. What is the story behind and establishment which has managed to acquire and

keep the loyalty of its many customers since 1944? In 1944, prosperity seemed imminent for Gil Chenier and fellow founders Ted Byck, Jack Fulton, and S.G. Fowler. The rationale for Chenier's success did not include complex business maneuverings or unlimited funds. Simply put, he worked hard to learn the needs of customers and boldly forged new renditions of the classic definition of a car dealership. Chenier's focus was on the development of a team, a cohesive unit that would provide for the total needs of customers. His vision soon became a reality.




Over the years, the companies expansion  took place on several fronts. The dealership expanded from the original Dodge-De-Soto franchise to offer a full line Chrysler products. In 1965, Chenier purchased two acres of land on Riverside Drive to accommodate his company's considerable growth, eventually moving Chenier Motors to Riverside Drive in the early 1970s.

Gilbert Chenier
Chenier Motors Limited



Chenier Motors
Original location
80 Birch Street South
Timmins, Ontario


Chenier Motors
Current location
1276 Riverside Drive
Timmins, Ontario